Extreme Mustang Makeover 2012 – Good Boy & Emilee Shearer

Well, the wait is finally over, and for the first time in years I can say: I have  a horse! (Warning: Long post to follow, it’s the real blog kick-off.)

My husband and I went down to Ft. Collins this weekend to pick out an already trained, ready-to-go mustang. If you haven’t heard of EMM, look it up on Youtube- the horses and trainers are fantastic!

I had my heart set on a lovely black gelding named Amarande, who was chronicled on the FB Page “Know Your Horse,” but he was adopted for out of my price range. It was a good thing I had a back-up picked, and the back-up was actually one of the first horses my husband pointed out.

The adoption auction was rather funny- I couldn’t understand the auctioneer, and suddenly I had placed a bid for $1000 higher than I thought we were at. Talk about a panic attack! Good thing I spoke up in my panic and said “no, no, I thought we were at $1500”. I didn’t think we were at $1500, but when I saw how high we were, I had to say something reasonable- not that I was $1000 behind where the bids were!  We had watched the first 20 horses or so go, and followed the auction pretty closely, but neither me nor Eric could understand the guy when he was rambling off the prices for our horse. Eric said I’m the only one he knew that could talk an auctioneer down $400! I got this beautiful little gray guy for just a little over my budget:

First Day HomeHip Number at EMM 2012First English Ride!First Day Home

Larger pictures are up on my Facebook, and he will have his own facebook page soon. He was named Good Boy by his EMM trainer, Emilee Shearer, who did a fantastic job with him. He is so docile, sweet, and mellow! Good Boy caught our attention early on Saturday, and I fell in love watching his first ride. I felt a bit torn, like I was somehow betraying Amarande, but it was what it was.

I’ve decided to rename him Cello. Most of my pets are rescues/previously owned, and out of respect for their owners/trainers I used to keep their names. Lately, though, I’ve had a few that I’ve renamed and found that it really helped bonding (especially with the rescue parrot and rescue malamute). While I don’t really think that changing Good Boy’s name will help bonding, it definitely helps me have more of a “mine” feeling. I really wanted a name that started with a “C”, it just appealed to me, and I wanted a musical name. A quick google brought up Cello, and when I looked into the actual meaning (of the word, I know the instrument!) it meant “little”. My guy is little! Perfect! He is also super calm, and the cello is such a calming instrument to me. Also, for a randomtie in, the cello was traditionally played with horse-hair bows. I’ve already started calling him little mellow Cello in my head! I will test drive the name this evening when I am out at the ranch (again, because I to take a break for that work-thing, you know) but I am really set on Cello.

Eric was semi-against getting a horse, but supportive because he knew it was what I wanted, and guess what: he is in looooove. Extra letters and everything. It was all over his face! That’s one of the things I’m most proud of, how much my husband loves him off the bat. I knew he was special, but winning Eric over so completely confirmed it. The owner of the private ranch I’m at is likewise smitten; he thinks I could not have gotten a better horse.

I felt a little bad after the auction ended; I wasn’t 100% sure I was coming home with a horse, so I planned on running up to the local tack shop that opened at noon to pick up some more essentials (halter, lead line, tie in… that sort of essential trailering equipment). Things moved so fast after the adoption ended that I used Emilee’s halter and a lead rope I found in Norman’s trailer; we loaded him and went, not even 1 hour after I signed the paperwork! I could tell Emilee was super attached to Good Boy/Cello, so I made it crystal clear that she can come visit him anytime she wanted and that I would stay in contact (also I would like her to see that I’m not a crazy/adrenaline charged/disorganized mess with horses; real-life is another story).

This weekend would never have happened if awesome friends didn’t help out. I was able to borrow a 3/4 ton diesel truck and a 2 horse slant trailer (my truck needed last minute work, of course, and being horseless for years meant that my equipment supply was dwindling).  I am super grateful to Norm (the guy who cuts my hair!) and Deb (previous boss/fellow horse person!).

I guess a good wrap up is a quick synopsis of my plans for Cello. I wanted a potential kids horse for therapeutic riding; I think it would be great to take mustangs, who are in danger of slaughter, starvation and miscellaneous other things to be put to such good use. Many mustangs have a bad rap, but trainers like Emilee will change that. Cello will be light on the lessons side (I really dislike heavily used lessons horses) and heavy on the trail riding/fun side of life. Eventually I hope to have a therapeutic riding program featuring mustangs; Cello is the inaugural horse. I am working on my PATH Int’l Therapeutic Riding Instruction Certification, and the minute that is done the Wild Horse Project/Skylark Therapeutic Riding will kick off. The Project will be training mustangs for therapy (I have my eye on a few trainers to drag into it, as well as myself.. I was just very much lacking training time this summer) and Skylark will be my personal instruction program.


Cello & Dani


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