Little Things

Today went a bit better than yesterday. Cello being in with the herd has really thrown off our balance. Before he was with the herd, Sunday through Tuesday, he would walk at my hip and was focused on me.

Now he fixates on me when I pull into the ranch, like he knows I’m his human, but to get him away from the herd I have to coax him every s

stepping. Moving forward today in general wasn’t an issue. We started with some in hand work and longing, then took a walk down to the scary equipment spot he balked at. Walked past it no problem and continued down the trail fine. A lot of this was encouraged with vibrations from the whip, but he relaxed enough to not have to use it too much.

In the small arena we trotted and had a decent left lead canter. Our right lead was a little sketchy. I think we are going to work on cantering on the trail until we can get to a real arena. I need to buy a 2 horse trailer so we can roll down to the town arena that’s only $10 an hour. The place I call an arena at the ranch most would laugh at, its just a paddock with a small tack barn in the middle. It works and is large enough to canter in, but isn’t the best scenario for us. We have a nice path past the pastures we can work down with (probably) more ease.

Cellos attachment to the herd isnt really a problem, he does leave them and was fine on his solo rides, but it has stalled our bonding. On Tuesday we had that cool snap moment of trust, but since he’s been in the herd there hasn’t really been another moment like that emotionally. We worked through things and didn’t have problems, but that awesome feeling wasn’t quite there on either side.

If anyone has advice on the herd/hierarchy/bonding feel free to comment! I think I’m going to ask Emilee to come out for a mini clinic on what she does with Goodboy/Cello after we’ve had a few weeks of settling in. The western world has intrigued me and I want to learn more about it. We will also see what else settles or crops up!

The trail ride today was super nice, but no new pics to post. Today was too busy!

Cello & Dani


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