The Feeling


First, a picture of Toast and Studley, my helpers. Studley enjoys “helping” me grab my tack, and once I set my stuff on the hitching post he enjoys rearranging it. Toast likes to supervise Studleys work.

Cello was super independent of the herd today. I was really surprised – I was a little more discouraged than I let on about his detachment, even to myself. I didn’t realize how bummed I was until we had such a good day today, and the comparison was obvious.

Yesterday Cello did everything I asked, but he wasn’t really into it. He more did it because he knew I’d make him. Today, though, he was super willing,walking at my hip with no encouragement and very open gaits under saddle. I had decided that today would be mellow, just a trail ride, since yesterday really was work.

Our ride was great and we really clicked. We scared many a grasshopper and went up some major butt building hills. We bushwhacked some, which was a lot of fun, and rode past some huge dust devils. There were also some obnoxiously loud birds in the hills. None of that fazed Cello, though he is still slightly unsure of the orange tractor.

Im definitely getting a 2 horse as soon as I can afford it, so we can hit up the arena and dial in more.

I left the ranch smiling, and smiled the whole ride home. I am in love with this horse! It took such little work to get back on track, he has such a great mind.


Cello & Dani


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