Not much has gone on lately but more will go on soon!

  • My bit was lost in the mail. The package arrived empty, so it needs to be re-ordered.
  • I bought a trailer, should have it tomorrow. I can’t wait to be getting Cello to a real arena for real training!
  • I found my handheld video cam, but my editing software is horrible.
  • I was surprised in the last video how much more “together” we looked. Our balance is coming along.
  • We’ve been jumping a bit more. That’s really woken Cello up and has definitely helped him pay more attention to his balance, timing and overall movement. Just light jumps, only a few jumps a week. Same as before, not much is changing until we get our trailer and are more mobile.
  • Cello’s manners have been awesome with just a little ground work every time I halter him.

Eric has some good photos coming soon, I will figure my videos out, more on that trailer and the importance of good tack soon!

Cello & Dani


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