DIY Trailer Time

So I bought this trailer for $600. It was in awesome shape- only superficial rust and sturdy floors. It’s a 1980-something model. My husband works in a body shop, with a real painter (one of the best we’ve ever met) and he’s a perfectionist. This project just about killed him to do haha. I’ve had a lot of expenses this summer so decided that, whatever cheap trailer I got, I would Rustoleum. I’ve Rustoleumed (it is now a verb) a few things and was impressed with how it turned out. I wasn’t going to spend more money on a paint job than I would have spent on the actual rig. I wanted it to be a bright, cheery color- remember, it’s going to be advertising for a therapeutic riding program which is mostly geared towards kids. I wanted fun, eye-catching, not the typical silver/dull blue/tan. I went all out with wildflower blue in satin. Check it out!

Pre-paint job

Side view

Front view

In progress

The blue!

It’s nowhere near done yet. It is not all going to be smurfed. The top is going to be an off white, and the V trim is going to be black as well as the fenders. I’ll post finalized pictures soon. The inside needs some work- a layer of plywood to even a bit out though it’s pretty good, non-skid rubber mats, a butt bar and better tieing option. All little things!

I will have to post pictures of Cello being introduced to it. I’m sure I’ll have some ‘splaining to do to him, until he sees that there is a hay net inside. It will seal the deal. He loads like a pro, but the color is a bit intense!


Cello & Dani

P.S. I was shocked to find “rustoleumed” was not already defined on I took the liberty of submitting the following definition, fulling admitting that I made fun of myself.

rustoleumed//a yokel’s preferred painting method for any article that needs glitzing. at under $4 per can it is believed that you cannot obtain a better bang for your buck. any rustoleumed object is gauranteed to look great when viewed from 100 yards away.


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