2012 EMM Ft. Collins Winners

I know I’ve mentioned multiple times training with Justin Dunn. I was so taken with him at EMM that I didn’t really consider trainers other than Anna (found at knowyourhorse.org) but she was too far away. It occurred to me to look up Jessica, who won this year’s event.

When I stumbled across her website, I knew I had to make a change in my prioritizing. Our backgrounds are almost dead similar (with her surpassing me of course.) She grew up hunter jumper, has a strong English basic background, and regularly sells mustang as sport ponies. Her whole business evolves around it- and though she does western, it’s her background. The videos of her riding are excellent- her horses are light, balanced, and on the bit regardless of the saddle on their back.

The highlight of the above video was her riding Novo, who was adopted for around $3700 I believe, bridle-less and saddle-less. I tried contacting her multiple times over the last week but the poor girl is so busy. Well, not poor girl I guess, good for her to have a booming horse business! She kindly offered lessons and such, and has put us on a waitlist. If anyone cancels she will let us know, but it doesn’t look like a for sure thing until January or February. I think it will be worth the wait, especially since I’m in transition between jobs and it will leave me time to save up more cash.

I know what Cello & I need to do training wise. I am just so pumped up about learning more of the round penning & mustang techniques these trainers employ. You can never, ever know enough about horses, even when you’ve competed at CDI levels. The learning just never stops!

In the next year I hope to work extensively with Jessica, Justin Dunn, and Regina Wendler. I figured I should keep things narrowed down and reasonable. I’m thinking a month training with Jessica when she can squeeze us in, organizing a Justine Dunn clinic, then lessons with Regina/a clinic since she is close to us (based in Steamboat Springs.)

I’m still waiting on that new bit. Be careful if you ship from Stateline Tack- this is actually a rather negative experience, and I don’t recall having those in the past with this company. I paid for expedited shipping this time around. I chose to ship to my PO BOX. Nowhere on their site did they indicate which company they use- USPS, Fedex, UPS, etc. Nowhere did a warning come up about my PO BOX. Instead, they took the money for the expedited shipping then “Smart Shipped” my bit from Fedex. So Fedex teams up with USPS… the result? My bit takes an extra week on it’s estimated time. So why did I pay extra? I call the service line to speak with a rep, and the system is obviously designed to not let you through. I’ve yet to speak to someone there about the issue. I’m bummed- I just want my bit, one way or the other!!! Trailer is to be finished soon, so more pics coming of that.

Tack to be picked up soon as well includes a potential Aussie saddle, split reins & a vaquero headstall for trail.


Cello & Dani


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