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I’ve had some interesting conversations with people so I thought, maybe, going back to the basics would be helpful. I was pretty surprised at some ideas floating around about worming. Back in MI I always had a regimented schedule of varied wormers based on our vet’s recommendation. This was incredibly important with my Thoroughbred, who could not gain weight and who cost quite a bit in vet bills. She could not have afforded any additional GI issues.

Anna Schaben, a mustang trainer who is pretty well known now, has had issues with one of her mustangs with encysted strongyles. My link option isn’t working so here is the posts long address. This is a must read if your horse has a hay belly!


I did some research for recommended Colorado worming schedules. Mill Creek Veterinary Services has a great page. Of course they recommend fecals and such, but really I’m just following their worming protocol sans fecals (or I’ll just check myself on occassion at the vet I used to work at.) Their chart is super helpful.


Mid to late March Fecal flotation exam to determine EPG parasite load. DO NOT DEWORM IF NEGATIVE
If Positive:
April 1 Quest or Zimectrin, or other ivermectin or moxidectin product
April 15 Fecal flotation to determine any resistance
June 1 If Ivermectin product used (Zimecterin, etc) on April 1: Deworm with Quest, Zimectrin or other ivermectin or moxidectin product
July 1: If Moxidectin product used (Quest) on April 1: Deworm with Quest, Zimectrin or other ivermectin or moxidectin product
August-September fecal flotation exam. Do not deworm if Negative. Deworm with Quest if positive.
Nov-15 to Dec-15 (All) at end of the grazing season: Quest Plus, CombiCare, Equimax or Zimecterin Gold (to kill all adult parasites including tapeworms and stomach bots)

Hmm what else to talk about for now. This pdf is our conditioning plan. It’s super hard to keep mustangs from being overweight, and let me tell you, Cello is almost there. Dressage Today recently featured an article about hill work and conditioning, and the neighbors at the ranch were so kind in showing me additional trails that are somewhat hidden. Workouts, here we come! Especially with having a trailer now!


Since I don’t have any new horse pictures to post, here’s our next trail destination. I’m working on getting a group together!

Gore Lake

Starting out in Vail, the Gore Creek trailhead to Deluge Lake!


Cello & Dani


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