Decisions, Decisions!

I edited the previous Justin Dunn post to keep it more about the training, so some of this is a repeat, some of it is new.

I decided to definitely keep the month with Jessica. Justin is so super busy that he squeezed Cello into training to begin with. If me and my friends want a clinic with him he is already booked until March, and the rest 2013 is filling up fast! Just a sign of how great he is. I am excited, though, to get Cello down to Jessica’s. She has better year round riding, and with dog sledding starting up I’ll really need some help working Cello while I settle into a routine. Plus it will give me time to find a better horse trailer and reserve indoor space.

Also looking at moving Cello soon. One of the ranch owners at our current location is very very ill, and the year round riding out there is going to be rougher than I had anticipated. I also had a wake-up call with the maintenance on the dirt road leading to the ranch. I’m a little nervous about trailering Cello to the indoor arena even right now, and the pastures/dry riding pen are covered in snow.

I’ve been trailering Cello with the help mostly of my friend Laura, who has a mare at a ranch about 10 minutes away. We’ve gone on two trail rides out to the connecting BLM and explored a bit. Cello was awesome. The ranch is close to the airport so there are planes flying lower than usual and louder than usual. The start of the trail goes under 8 lanes of freeway. And, worst of all, the army helicopters fly over the trail, as we found out on ride number two. I was a bit worried when I heard the helicopter approaching, since mustangs are rounded up with the things and you never know if your individual horse was in a quiet round up or one of the hyped up crazy ones. Cello didn’t care at all. I think the only thing this horse hasn’t seen under saddle now is a train a possibly and bicyclist. He keeps a level head through it all. Laura is so impressed with how Cello came back (she watched him begin to test me about 2 months back) that she wants to join me for a clinic at Justin’s.


Cello & Dani


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