A Mustang Horse Show?

I haven’t had time to work on pictures so I posted a video from a trainer who competed in Ft. Collins this year. Anna Schaben, from knowyourhorse.org, was the trainer who really made me decide I was going to get a mustang at this event. I had my little heart set on taking Andy home, until I met Cello. Then I was torn. Andy sold for out of my price range, and went up for adoption before Cello, so the choice was made for me!

So now, down to business. I’ve been brushing up on how non-profits work and will be getting the Wild Horse Project going this spring. Cello will be ready for therapeutic riding, more time will have opened up for me, and by then we should have a board and a grip on what we are doing. I think our first event will be the Wild Horse Show, or Mustang Classic.. still throwing around name ideas.

Either way the event would be hosted at the Eagle County Fairgrounds up here in Vail.

The fairground has grandstands, warm up arenas, round pens, an indoor arena, stalls, concessions… everything! Plus a cheap enough rental rate that we wouldn’t be too out of pocket if it isn’t a success.

I’m thinking a two-three day event. I would like to host clinics and demos by some of the EMM trainers- if this looks like it’s getting real I’ll be talking to Justin Dunn, Jessica Dabkowski and Anna Schaben. I want to start getting class ideas together, so chime in if you have ideas! So far:

~ Halter & Condition
~ English Pleasure/Equitation
~ Western Pleasure/Equitation
~ Hunter Under Saddle
~ Trail Class
~ Barrel Racing
~ Pole Bending?? Not sure if enough people would sign up here.
~ Gambler’s Choice jumping course
~ Bareback Dollar novice & advanced classes (where you squeeze a dollar under your knee, you are out when you drop the dollar)
~ Dressage By Letters (Timed class: “gates” set up in a dressage arena, riders have to go through alphabetically)
~ Freestyle Class (have to figure out a qualifier for this – any ideas?)

I’ll be talking to Katie Ory as well.

visit facebook.com/oryphotography!

Photoshoots could potentially be set up for all involved- either with your horse at liberty or under saddle! Click on her awesome picture for a link to her FB page.

I’m concerned about the turn out for the show if it’s limited to the mustang breed. Maybe I will keep the class list simple, the basics plus gaming, and designate open classes and mustang classes. Lots to think about, lots of people to talk to and a lot of things to dial in. This is just where my head is at the moment!

Cello & Dani


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