We Need Your Help! Contribute to train a therapy horse!

Cello3 (1)
Hello Everyone,

The Wild Horse Project is getting up and going! Finally! We are looking at getting a horse in May for the Mustang Million’s event. Anna Schaben (an awesome mustang trainer found at knowyourhorse.org and facebook.com/knowyourhorse) is looking to get two horses from the BLM facility to train and compete with. The rates for this event are super low, as she is doing it for fun. For about $150 a month plus vet bills and the adoption fee we could have a therapeutic riding mount ready to give to a therapeutic riding program! A horse trained to the level Anna will accomplish would cost three times that amount, easily. We are really looking to jump on this opportunity.


Please, please, please click the link above and help us to get this project off the ground. Any contribution, from $1-$100, means the world. We set our fundraising goal at $3000, to cover any extra expenses that may come up, but as you can see we could still commit to this mustang if we raise a fraction of that. If we reach the full $3000 we will have a small safety net with potential medical expenses and enough to seek legal help and hire a CPA for the Wild Horse Project.

If you donate $20 you will receive a documentary shot in HD at the end of the mustang’s journey with the WHP. The documentary will follow the mustang from first touch, to first ride, to the Mustang Million competition, to the new home as a therapy horse. You can get up close and personal with our first official adoptee, and see the smiles on the children’s faces for yourself.

If you donate $100, you will receive the documentary AND an artsy photo of Cello, framed, put together by Ory Photography. Even if Cello isn’t your horse, it looks good on a wall- I’ve had people ask where I bought the print from when they come over the first time!

Please take a minute to be a part of this wonderful campaign.

Cello & Dani


2 responses to “We Need Your Help! Contribute to train a therapy horse!

  1. I just blasted your Indeigogo site to several thousand Horse Enthusiasts

  2. Thank you so much Chuck!

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