2013, Do Your Worst..

2013 has been pretty rough for Cello and me. I’ve been on strange work schedules that have not allowed me much time to go to the ranch. The road to the ranch sits in the perfect shady spot, meaning it’s icy and holds snow longer than a few places in the valley. It’ dirt. Not good for trailering on. The ranch sits on a cold flat spot on the mountain, catching wind (I knew that from summer!) and holding snow and ice as well. Riding has been at a stand still, and we’ve been doing what groundwork we can to just keep things going somewhat.

Well, if you remember, I was supposed to go to Jessica’s on January 1st. After only one week of not being put into the little 2 horse trailer Cello decided he didn’t want to get in it again. We did all the groundwork we learned at Justin’s and it just wasn’t happening. So we delayed the trip. I drove from Vail to Parker (2 hours) and rented a 4 horse stock trailer. It was snowing that day but I went to get it anyways. On the way back up the mountain (about another hour down the road) the skies cleared and so did the road! Perfect! Until I hit that bump on the highway, blowing my rear axle on my truck. I was right at an exit and pulled off to see what happened, at first I thought it was something with the trailer. Nothing seems wrong at this point so I get on the on ramp to I70. Fifty yards later I pull over and have to call a tow truck. We get to the next exit, disconnect and they tow the trailer to their shop for only $50. They then go back for my truck, which resulted in a $409 tow bill. The trailer rental was under $200, I can’t remember exactly, but all told I was out about $600-$700 on that day alone, and Cello was still at the ranch in Eagle.

When we went to go to Justin Dunn’s we were a week late as well. Justin had to actually drive up here and pick Cello up on his own. Jessica doesn’t have time to do that, understandably. Ft. Collins is about 3 hours from Vail. I’m working on finding someone to haul Cello, I’m willing to pay, it’s just not happening! Reality check with living up here.

I’m pretty bummed out this winter with Cello. Not with him, just with the situation. When he came back from Justin’s he was amazing and I wanted to keep up on everything. Now he has had weeks off and is just sitting in a pasture being King of the Miniature Animals. Oh yeah, the other horse at the ranch (a QH mare) left so it’s just Cello, 2 miniature horses and a miniature donkey. I now have no truck to tow, and a trailer that isn’t usable. I was going to buy this 4 horse stock trailer, but all those funds were eaten up with the previous rental and tow bill.

Just a little stressed but all will straighten out.

Dani & Cello


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