Two Years Overdue!

Wow, I can’t believe this blog has been dormant for so long! Now that I have a new smartphone (thank you, Apple!) I think I need to start posting regularly again. I didn’t realize it had been so long since I last wrote here- I will do a follow up post on where Cello and I are at. There should be a lot coming up this summer!

A quick summary of what’s new in our world:

  • Cello now lives at Salt Creek Ranch on Eagle. Can you say spoiled rotten?
  • After much, much, much internal debate, I decided we were going back to my English roots. He is an excellent mover and I feel more at home in my English saddle.
  • Cello is getting ready to go off to Daniel Harris for a month, mostly so we can brush up from winter and I can continue learning. There will be a whole post about WHY he is going Daniel and the danger of what I call “trainer roulette.”
  • We have a new truck!! That means I can sell my old one and upgrade my trailer. A new trailer means more adventures, which we just can’t wait for.
  • I slacked off with him this winter, sadly. Things were so busy between work, school and snowfall. You better believe I will be reference that equine fitness book I raved about a few posts back, it is more relevant than ever to my chunky mustang!
  • Cello is no longer a pony, he has officially graduated to being a horse. How he grew this winter!!!! Will post picks of him with “the stick.”





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