:( Cello Is Still Gone, Cavaletti Work & Aspire Equestrian

Cello is still away in Grand Junction, he will be come home this weekend! We can’t wait. We considered bringing him home last weekend, but with all the rain Glenwood Canyon was too unstable. Rock slides closed it last Thursday, so we decided to hold off (plus I would have been trailering alone, so if we were stuck in traffic that’s a recipe for disaster!) It’s amazing how much free time I have with him gone. With all the rain, the trails out here are super green and lush. I can’t wait to get him out and about.

Once we get a little more solid, I need to talk to Anita about some lessons. At this point, I feel like we have a pretty solid idea of where we need to go with training and how to get there. I wanted to share some training videos here that I stumbled on in the last week!

The first is a cavaletti clinic. This trainer is primarily in California, but the video gave me some great ideas for where to go next with Cello. I was planning on introducing cavaletti work this summer either way, so went on a Youtube tangent.

I also stumbled on Aspire Equestrian this week, which Anita Williams shared earlier this week. (Anita is our amazing local dressage trainer who has competed and won at CDI shows) I have some lessons banked with Anita, but I want to use them when they will really count, when we have more of these basics smoothed out (straightness, headset, engaging the hind end.) That’s where the cavaletti comes in! Among other exercises, of course. Anyways:

Click on the photo to learn about active vs passive resistance on the reins, it was seriously helpful!

Click on the photo to learn about active vs passive resistance on the reins, it was seriously helpful!

Aspire does online coaching- yes, online coaching. How does that work? You sign up for a month, then send in unlimited videos to get feedback and custom exercises- not just for your horse, but for you. It has great reviews, but I have to wonder about the effectiveness. I think I’m curious enough to find out, and so far everything I’ve read from them has been great! So I’m going to bite the bullet when we are settled in back home.

That’s all for now! Can’t wait for Cello to get home so we can get back to posting about him 🙂


Dani & Cello


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