Puppy’s First Real Barn Day

Cello is back home!! Finally! And things have been great. We are working in headset and proper bending- he is responding nicely to my inside leg and reinf these last few rides. Hopefully Eric can come out and video us this weekend, if he does I will post it.

This blog has been low on content for a while, but I will do a product review post soon. We have a new saddle, new bridle, new jumping hackamore and new gel pad. We have also been using organic products, so I will cover all those.

When Cello was gone, I became antsy and bored- and adopted a puppy! It wasn’t really on a whim, it was in the back of my mind since I lost my special old dog two years ago. I decided to sort-of look for a new pup after our last Yellowstone trip. Sure enough, I found a double Merle (lethal white) Australian shepherd at my favorite rescue, the Evergreen Animal Protection Leagur. Some stupid backyard breeders bred two Merles together and kicked the mom and babies to the curb when the puppies had defects. Shashi was found wandering Denver with his mom and sister- his one eye didn’t develop a pupil and his sister is deaf.

Shashi is an Indian boy name that means “moon.” I thought it was perfect because of his white face and one white eye!! Most people don’t the name or think it’s weird, but I love it- he’s my Shashi puppy.

To bring this back to horses, lethal whites occur in the paint world as well when two overos are bred together.

Anyways, check out my cute ranch puppy and that adorable mustang in English gear.



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