Winter 2015

Cello is on the mend! I detail the outline of what happened at the end of the post and will follow up with a photo post of his progress and treatments. The worst part about all this was the timing- the round pen is snowed in and trails aren’t rideable, so we are coming back in the arena, his least favorite (and spookiest) place. C’est la vie!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.01.15 AM.png

Today was exciting, for me anyways- I filled out the registration form for Colorado Mustang Days! I bailed on the freestyle, the more I thought about it the more anxiety I had. I am confident that he will behave well in a pleasure class. The in-hand portion should be easy for him, and going into the ring with a group makes him more confident. The cow work class I entered purely out of curiosity. We ran into cows on a trail ride this summer, up McKenzie Gulch, and Cello was super interested. His ears perked up, he paid attention but wasn’t about to explode. He was willing to approach them and didn’t panic when the cows moved off down the mountain. Now a lone cow, in an arena, at a show? That might get him, but I’m willing to just ride into the ring and see what he does! We might have 2 minutes of flat-out refusal to move around the cow, or I will have a maniac who WANTS to chase the cows. Based on how he reacted to the cows in the back country, I think I will have one of those two outcomes. Also, sorry to the cows innocently grazing- I couldn’t help it, I wanted to play with them!


If you actually read the registration form, you’ll see that I finally landed on a show name for Cello (not that this really matters as we haven’t shown since the year I adopted him!) I guess, being an English girl, his “formal name” is something I’ve thought about a lot, for almost no reason. I kicked around more western sounding names  (Little Mellow Cello) and asked around on forums. I had some good feedback and some weird feedback… I landed on Silver Cello DMN.

Maybe it’s a remnant of my Game of Thrones obsession, but in the books, he refers to Daenerys as Daeny (pronounced like my name) and she has a horse referred to as Daeny’s Silver. Cello is going through a brilliant silver phase this past year, and I began to refer to him as my silver. Just one of those things I croon into his ear when he’s getting his fair share of lovin’. Adding my initials at the end of his name is a little arrogant, but we are working so hard to cement a bond and showing is part of that. Plus, when I worked with Andalusians, I liked how their formal names designated where they came from/their first owners. For instance, we had Favorito KG (for Kay Greenbury) and Favorito De La Parra (from the De La Parra’s.)

Just for fun, here are two pictures of me playing with Favorito De La Parra (called Senior) on a photoshoot day! I was 18 then and working my DREAM job. More blasts from the past, including Friesians, found here.

Time to wrap this up, but my last post was about Cello being our of commission, so I wanted to address that real quick.

I definitely need to do a picture post to discuss Cello’s wounds and care- I can hardly believe it, but he is almost 100% healed up AND without scarring. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • A herd of geldings (detailed below) pummeled him when they were moved as a herd into his pasture, where he was the only horse after the removal of his previous herd mates. Multiple scrapes with a few laceration and tissue inflammation (pictured below.) Treated with a turmeric cream, aloe vera & occassionally Dermagel (when the organic, fresh stuff ran out.)
  • Moved into a new group, with his previous (calm) herd mates. All was well, healing began. The new herd was moved to a smaller pen, where new scrapes on his withers and hindquarters appeared.
  • At first, this round seemed like it was definitely inflicted by other horses. New spots continued to pop up, so Cello was moved to a pen by himself to heal.
  • In the new pen, where he was rolling solo, spots that looked like raw scrapes continued to pop up. Wormed with Zimectrin Gold, utilized tea tree oil sprays and Dermagel. Healed up!


Dani & Cello


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