To get to the horse who is so important, we need the why’s. I was desperately searching for a way to re-kindle my passion for horses, long since reduced to a smoldering pile of ashes, when an idea came to me one evening: why not start from scratch? Why not adopt a mustang, a wild horse, and see if I can start something new?

I began to think about new training methods, ways to focus on truly bonding and communicating with one of these lovely free creatures with no other goals in mind. No shows, no breeding, no pressure. This time, the horse is for me, the training is for me, the program is for me and I’m going back into the field to search for that feeling that used to make me wake up at the crack of dawn to muck out stalls (happily.) Enter Cello!

This blog will follow Cello, a lovely gray BLM Mustang adopted from EMM 2012 Ft. Collins, trained by Emilee Shearer. We have had our ups and our downs but the journey has been priceless.

Check Out The Wild Horse Project tab above to learn about our non-profit goals!


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